We print digital banners | stickers | logos etc.,


We do website creation | designing


We do it with simplest & directive writing style.


We create Books | Corporate Diaries | Cards


We photostat Color | B/W | All type of paper sizes

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We provides packaging and postage for your products


You can tell them everything. They listen & they forget. Print it. They read & they remember...

Gatenbej Printworks encourages everyone to keep their contents on printed materials from our Online Printing solution. The best way is, make it a book that we always inspire to create a supreme printed masterpiece for individuals to be proud with their good contents. Nothing is wrong to keep abreast with current trend of e-copy and digitalization, but we should aware that technology, specifically social media applications keep changing and even disappear. This is a reason we always encourage everyone of us to print our contents and let it be remembered for many years to come.

The 49th Rule

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar shares his 51 rules he has been practicing to achieve his dreams.

Combo Deal II,RM256 (Normal Price RM283)

A perfect combination for Professionals & Parents by Dr Sheikh Muszaphar. Worth owned items.

Combo Deal I, RM120 (Normal Price RM134)

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar shares his approach in becoming the best parents and the best in life.

Combo Deal III,RM239 (Normal Price RM269)

The best approach of parenting by The 1st Malaysia Astronaut. Parents-kids bonding.


Books that we make and share to readers not only for reading, but to keep it as a legacy of knowledge & love to the next generation.

Welcome to Gatenbej - Online Printing

Gatenbej Printworks is a Malaysian brand of printing & publishing. It rents a simple yet user-friendly space located at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras called Gatenbej Studio. Gatenbej Studio has been serving many individuals & corporates from various sectors with ranges of printing & publishing works.

Gatenbej - Logo

Print will never die...

“Communication is the only channel to present information. For information to be remembered 1000 years to come, it needs to be visualised or written and printed as a legacy and referenced for many years ahead. We are all aware that world civilisation and revolution would not have been possible without the existence of communication million years ago and the same will be observed million years to come if communication is preserved well.”

“At Gatenbej Printworks, clients undergo extraordinarily experience orchestrated by us in presenting our high-quality work encompassing all aspects of printed communications.

The bevy of services we provide for our clients are: Corporate Writing (Copywriting), graphic design & creative communication, corporate printing, digital application and software development, corporate website, translation, branding and advertising activities, content analysis, creative video production, publication & publishing and we also speak of who and what with our clients through our communication expertise.

Communication is also a way of relation. Each and every perfected artwork we deliver is a form of respect towards our client and the people. Only with a perfected communication product can an objective be imparted.

Therefore, let’s take an adventure with us, feel the communication experience that you can’t get elsewhere.”


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